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Project Description

We were asked to design and install a suitable waterproofing system for Aegis Data Centre in Godalming. A Delta membrane system was specified for this project.

The building is to house rows of data machinery over two floors. We had been asked to install a waterproofing system to the lower ground floor area of approximately 1290 square metres. To cope with the volume of water we specified a cavity drain membrane system to the exterior walls internal face and floor surfaces with two dual sump chambers interlinked. As a secondary system we used a waterproof fillet at the external wall / floor junction coated in a slurry with a perimeter land drain installed. We also applied slurries and waterstops internally where required. A central drainage system was specified with several gullies in the floor slab and jetting eyes were installed each end of the system to gain full compliancy with BS8102.

This was a successful project that was required to be a perfectly dry environment due to the nature of the machinery being housed. As the building was at the foot of a slope a considerable amount of water was likely to come to bear against the structure and this had to dealt with.

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